Mission Statement

We like to think that the Art Department at All Saints is an open and enriching place to work. We have tried to create a relaxed, but driven atmosphere that encourages students of all ages to explore their full creative capabilities, reaching their potential, in both the curriculum and extra-curricular settings.


Aims of the Art department

Our aim is to develop independent students, who use their initiative to get the best outcome. A self-starting attitude is fundamental to student’s greater success within school and beyond. We encourage students to form their own opinions in both verbal and visual forms.


Key Stage 3

Art and Design is compulsory for all students in Years 7 and 8. Across the two years students experiment with a broad range of materials and techniques developing their skills from Year 7 to Year 8. The students are assessed on 4 key areas throughout each unit. The areas are: Research, Development through Experimentation, Observation and Evaluation. Each projects allows students to develop all these areas, they are encouraged to become more aware of their own, strengths and challenges. This working style prepares students for the initiative required at GCSE level and beyond.

Key Stage 4

Students can select to study GCSEs in Art and Design, Textiles and Photography. The department works to the Edexcel specifications and GCSE students are required to demonstrate their development in a sketch book and other relevant mediums.


They are assessed under four objectives, listed below:

  • AO1 - Develop ideas through sustained and focused investigation, informed by contextual and other sources. Demonstrate analytical and critical understanding.

  • AO2 - Experiment with and select appropriate resources, media, materials, techniques and materials. Review and refine ideas as work develops.

  • AO3 - Record observations, experiences, ideas and insights in visual and other forms appropriate to intentions. Reflect on progress.

  • AO4 - Present a personal, coherent and informed response, realising intentions and articulating and explaining connections with the work of others.


Literacy Statement

The Art Department provides opportunities to enhance the writing, reading and oral skills of students through lessons and assessments. Students who are literate in Art will:

  • feel confident using subject-specific terminology (key words);

  • understand key concepts in Art;

  • explain the outcomes of their learning in writing and in speech;

  • use descriptive language to evaluate artwork;

  • analyse and comment on how ideas and meanings are represented in their own and others’ work;

  • read for information (e.g. websites and books giving background information on artists and art movements);

  • read for understanding (e.g. artists’ journals, sketchbooks and literature that has stimulated artwork, such as Aboriginal creation myths and their effect on Aboriginal art);

  • skim to locate information in a text (e.g. to understand what a text is about);

  • scan to extract relevant information from a text (e.g. to find which artists are mentioned in the text).