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Covid-19 &

Remote Learning

Guidance For Remote Learning

During periods of Remote Learning, students are expected approach their studies in the responsible, mature and committed manner that we would expect to see if we were in school. 


Students should be promptly logged into MS Teams before the start of each lesson. 

Students should check their timetable in advance and know their schedule. 

Students must ensure they have a pen, paper and any other equipment that they usually bring with them to lessons. 

Students should make sure, where possible that they are working in a space that is free from distraction and allows them to be productive. 

Students must ensure their microphone and camera are switched off at all times. 

Students must not 'take control' of the meeting or touch the resources on screen.

Students may use the chat box function when encouraged to do so by their teacher.

Language used in the chat box function should be formal - remaining suitable and appropriate to a school environment at all times. 

Any student that does not meet these expectations can expect to be sanctioned on return to school in accordance with our behaviour policy.

If students have any technical questions they can contact Ms Marshall via Teams. 


If parents have any questions regarding Remote Learning or believes that their child would benefit from addition support they should email and someone will get back to you asap.

Guidance on how to organise and add lessons to your Teams calendar can be found here.

Remote Learning

Throughout the national lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, All Saints students continued to be taught live by their teachers using MS Teams. Staff had been fully prepared for this eventuality and disruption to students studies was kept to a minimum. Students followed a revised and adapted timetable, examples of which can be viewed below. Wherever possible we continued to teach the same curriculum as we do in school. ​


Updated 04.01.21

For the latest, up to date Government guidance on Covid-19 and what to do should your child or a family member test positive please click here.

For the latest, up to date Government information for parents and carers about attending schools and colleges during Covid-19 click here.

Following an update to Government guidance, students and staff in all secondary schools are now expected to wear face masks at all times when in corridors, communal areas and classrooms. This does not apply to those who are exempt. We ask students to bring a mask with them to school and to take responsibility for it. This approach is being taken by the government in order to "maximise the number of children in school" for "the maximum amount of time".  It is a temporary measure and will be reviewed on 26th January 2022 when Plan B restrictions are scheduled to expire.

With Omicron cases currently at an all time high we are encouraging staff and students to conduct lateral flow tests twice a week. Students will be issued tests in school and they can also be ordered, free of charge here.