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Bob Marley Blue Plaque

All Saints Catholic College played a leading role I he unveiling of the English Heritage Blue plaque dedicated to Bob Marley.

In a soaked laden Chelsea Street, year 10 students Zion Francis and Laurie Morency opened the ceremony with a stunning rendition of the BobMarley classic 'Three Little Birds' to deafening cheers. The event was hosted by the lauded historian David Olusoga who thanked our students for their wonderful participation.

The unveiling of the plaque was done by the famous poet Benjamin Zephaniah who spoke fondly about writing to Bob Marley as a child about his ambition to be a poet. Quite incredibly, Marley wrote back to him saying that Britain needed his poetry. It was an inspirational speech that highlighted the power of music and poetry to change lives. At All Saints, this is something we agree with and have invested heavily in the performing arts.

Finally, a huge thanks is due to Ms Wilkinson for organising the trip and bringing all of our GCSE Music students.



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