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Christmas Hampers

One of the great highlights of the festive calendar at All Saints is the Senior Citizens Christmas party. Unfortunately we were unable to host that event this year due to Covid-19 and social distancing.

But rather than be defeated, our staff and students decided to take the party to the people and headed out into the community to bring some festive cheer to those who need it the most.

Every form in the school were asked to bring in donations and put together a Christmas hamper for an elderly or vulnerable member of our community.

Our students rose to the challenge with enormous generosity. All sorts of items were donated, from sweets and biscuits, to books and magazines, and even hats, scarves and gloves. These items were then wrapped up and presented in beautiful homemade hampers, each containing a hand written card from the form group that had donated the items.

We loaded up the minibus and set off into the community to distribute the goodies. But the fun didn't stop there, as our students donned their All Saints Christmas hats and treated the lucky recipients to an impromptu spot of carol singing.

The hampers and the carols were warmly received, with many residents contacting the school to say a huge thankyou. One resident wrote: "What a surprise you gave me today. Carol singing at our door and a hamper! Such a lovely gesture brought me to tears. Thank you for 'Silent Night' and for your hard work. Thank you for really making my month."

Huge thanks to students and parents for your your generous donations. To Ms Maguire and Ms Royce who led on the initiative and were assisted by Mr Sunny, Mr Forshaw, Mrs Shortiss and Mr Butler.

This mini adventure reminded our students that Christmas is as much about giving as it is about receiving, an opportunity to to help those who are less fortunate than ourselves and perhaps more in need of support. The spirit of Christmas is alive and well at All Saints!

Watch the video, made by our Chaplain, Mr Sunny.




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