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Dear All Saints,

As we are coming towards the end of summer term, some of you may be worried about the holidays or what you might do without the structure of school.

If you have any worries in the holidays and you feel you might need some support you can always sign up for free to

Kooth is an online counselling, advice and emotional well-being support service for 11-15 year olds who live or go to school in the Tri-Borough. Kooth is a free, confidential and safe way to receive support online. You can access the service anonymously by signing onto the Kooth site.


12pm - 10pm on weekdays

6pm - 10pm at weekends

Every day of the year on a drop in basis

What can you do on the website?

  • Confidential, 1-2-1 instant messaging with Kooth's team of qualifies counsellors.

  • Kooth magazine - a full hub of creative pieces and personal experiences for peer to peer support.

  • Kooth discussion forums to facilitate peer-led support and self help articles.

  • And much, much more.

An activities brochure is attached of things to do to improve your mood and well being if you are currently struggling. Take a look and remember that by registering with Kooth you will have extra support available to you know, throughout the summer and beyond if you are not coping. Learn more by visiting their website or watching this short video

God bless,

All Saints

Activities Brochure Kooth (Secondary Sch
Download • 2.03MB

Secondary letter for Kooth
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