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Year 11 Leavers Assembly - Friday 20th March

Friday 20th March was also the day when we were forced to say a premature farewell to our Year 11 students.

Head of Year Miss Henry organised a fantastic leavers assembly where staff and students gathered to pray together one last time and to exchange messages of gratitude and good wishes for the future. Awards and prizes were given out to students as they joined together with staff to reflect on their achievements and on five years spent together. 

After time for photographs and the traditional throwing of the mortarboard (thanks to our fabulous art department for their speed and creativity) our Year 11's joined the rest of the students to take part in the various fun activities going on around the school, with karaoke and a giant TikTok proving particularly popular with our outgoing pupils.

Although their time at All Saints may have ended sooner than anyone would have wanted they are still very much in our thoughts and staff will continue to work tirelessly to ensure they get the grades that their hard work and dedication deserves.



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