January 2021


We will offer virtual learning to ALL students from Monday 4th January as per the plan and timetable that was sent to parents before Christmas.  The Government has suggested that online learning should commence from Monday 11th January, however, staff have been prepared for this eventuality to ensure that your child is able to be back learning and focused on their studies as soon as possible. 


Therefore all students will commence online learning from Monday 4th January.  Students will receive messages in Teams from Ms Marshall and an online timetable can be viewed here.  Furthermore, your child's Tutor/Head of Year will be in contact with you via the telephone next week to 'check-in' with you to ensure that you and your family are receiving the support that you need from us.


Children of Key workers or vulnerable students will be afforded on-site provision from Monday 4th January.  These students who do attend on site will log in to the online learning that is being offered to all students - this is to ensure that all students receive the same educational provision.  If you believe that you are entitled to this provision, please email support@allsaintscc.org.uk with your intentions and verification of your status as a key worker.


We are currently preparing for mass coronavirus testing within schools, we will write with further details of how this will fully operate next week.  I would appreciate your support in this endeavour, in a bid to keep as many students and staff as protected as possible.


If you have any other queries, please email support@allsaintscc.org.uk

If you, a close family member, or your child are displaying symptoms of Covid-19 please email covid@allsaintscc.org.uk.