Senior Leadership Team

Mr O'Neill - Headteacher

Mr O'Neill is the Headteacher of All Saints Catholic College. He is the strategic lead and has responsibility for the overall running of the school. He works with each of the senior leaders to ensure that that they run their own areas effectively.

Mrs Brett - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Brett is a Deputy Head in charge of Culture and Ethos. She oversess the school's co-curricular activities as well as the school reward system. She is also an RE teacher.

Mr Aykroyd - Deputy Headteacher

Mr Aykroyd is a Deputy Headteacher. He has overall responsbility for the schools curriculum as well as being the Deputy Safeguarding Lead. He is a Maths teacher.

Ms Dalton - Assistant Headteacher

Ms Dalton is Assistant Headteacher in charge of the Pastoral Care. She works closely with the Heads of Year to ensure that our students behave well and are cared for.

Ms Dalton is the Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Mr Mahon - Assistant Headteacher

Mr Mahon is Assistant Headteacher in charge of teaching. He ensures that the quality of teaching in the classroom is to the highest standard. He also works with our local primary schools to secure future admissions to the school.

Ms Marshall - Assistant Headteacher

Ms Marshall is Assistant Headteacher in charge of Assessment and Pupil Progress. Her job is to ensure the highest standards of results in the school so that all children reach a "fullness of life".

Ms Nammock - Assistant Headteacher

Ms Nammock is Assistant Headteacher in charge of Professional Development and Performance. Her job is to work with all members of staff in the school to ensure that they deliver the best quality for students. Ms Nammock is also in charge of the English department.

Mr Holland - Assistant Headteacher

Mr Holland is an Assistant Headteacher in charge of special educational needs. He ensures that our students with learning needs are well supported within the classroom and beyond.

Ms Mealy - Assistant Headteacher

Ms Mealy is an Assistant Headteacher in charge of Catholic Life and Pupil Premium. Ms Mealy ensures that the quality of worship in the school is of the highest standard. She also focuses on aiding and assisiting students who come under the Pupil Premium category. In addition, Ms Mealy is the Head of Religious Education.

Mrs Smith - Director of Finance

Ms Smith is the Director of Finance. She assists Mr O'Neill in the day-to-day running of the school's operations, including finance, staffing and the school site.