Teaching and Learning is at the core of what we do. Our aim is to provide the highest quality teaching and learning for our students so that they can achieve their potential.

We recognise that all students have special skills, abilities and aptitudes and we treat them as individuals. Our teaching staff know their students well as individuals. To promote the best learning, staff utilise a range of learning styles. This promotes progress, achievement, enjoyment and fosters independence in our students.


We expect students to participate fully in and engage with their learning so that they become responsible for their own learning and adopt an enquiring approach to their studies. We expect all our families to make an unreserved commitment to the learning, progress and achievement of their children.


We have specialist tutors in English and Maths who provide 1:1 tuition for those students who may need additional support.


Assessment is a regular feature of teaching and learning and each term parents are informed of their child’s progress and attainment at the end of that term. A strong partnership between school and home is essential in ensuring that the students leave our community having achieved their full potential.


Pastoral Care at All Saints Catholic College aspires to nurture our students’ gifts and talents and helps them to achieve their full potential not only academically, but also to develop fully their skills both socially and morally.


We aim to develop students who take responsibility for their words, thoughts and actions.

Under the guidance of a team of experienced lead tutors, tutors, mentors and teaching assistants, our students learn to understand negative behaviour and accept the appropriate consequences thereby becoming citizens that are accountable and responsible. Our holistic approach to pastoral care ensures that the needs of every student is identified so that their individual education plans are specific and personalised.