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Our Vision

We seek to ensure that, with Christ’s love for all as their example and inspiration, every student receives the education and guidance that will enable them to achieve their true academic potential, realise their personal ambitions and help them to develop spiritually and contribute fully to our society.

Our Values

All Saints is a Catholic school whose ethos derives from Jesus Christ and from which safe and caring environment students can go forward to take their place in society as well educated, confident and independent young people.

Christ, is the foundation of everything that we do, and the Gospels provide us with His influence and inspiration. We are therefore committed to promoting:


1. The Uniqueness and Value of Each Individual

We believe that every person is a unique individual created in God’s image and loved by Him. Accordingly, we are committed to treating every person in this school equally with the respect due to a child of God.


2. The Fulfilment of Each Individual's Potential

We ensure the provision for our young people of an education, which will enable them to develop fully their talents, whether academic, sporting, artistic or spiritual, and for those adults in our care the necessary support and training to ensure that they too achieve their true potential.


3. The Building of a Community

We educate our students as members of a community founded on Gospel values and working in harmony to build the Kingdom of God. We recognise and celebrate the enrichment, which comes from diversity of cultures and races. We recognise the importance of helping students to value and understand their own ethnic identity and cultural heritage, as well as helping them to respect and tolerate that of others. We equip our students with a better understanding of the wider-world context and British values, which enable them to contribute productively to society.