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“There can be no more important subject than English in the school curriculum. English is a pre-eminent world language, it is at the heart of our culture and it is the language medium in which most of our pupils think and communicate. Literacy skills are also crucial to pupils learning in other subjects across the curriculum.” - Ofsted Moving English Forward


Mission Statement

The mission of the English Department at All Saints Catholic College is to promote literacy – specifically the ability to speak, read, write, and think critically. This mission includes the development of literate students who can gather, analyse, and communicate information effectively as well as think creatively and draw independent conclusions. These are the key skills necessary to our students securing a successful future in today’s increasingly information-based economy. Furthermore students are taught to develop a reflective independent approach to extended analytical and creative writing.

Students are introduced to the skills of critical thinking, reading, and writing from Year 7 culminating in GCSE English and GCSE English Literature examinations in Year 11. The department celebrates the importance of independent reading through the weekly literacy strategies and in exploring a range of significant texts within the canon of English literature.


The department’s objectives include the development of:

  • confidence in communication;

  • independent thinking and critical skills that enable students to assess the values that literature expresses;

  • analytical skills to question the ways in which art and literature represent and promote certain value systems;

  • the ability to write effective critical argument in response to the content and presentation of texts and writers’ ideas, attitudes and feelings;

  • the ability to explore the cultural diversity of literature;

  • the ability to write technically effective prose;

  • the ability to use ICT to acquire and process knowledge;

  • exploring the place and importance of the visual arts in supporting and enhancing understanding of literature;

  • the skills to realise each student’s own intellectual and creative goals.


Literacy Statement

The English Department provides opportunities to enhance the writing, reading and oral skills of students through lessons and assessments. Students who are literate in English:

  • decode a text to read for meaning;

  • understand, describe, select or retrieve information, events or ideas from texts ;

  • are able to use quotations;

  • deduce, infer or interpret information, events or ideas from text;

  • identify and comment on the structure and organisation of texts, including grammatical and presentational features at;

  • explain and comment on the writer’s use of language, (including grammatical features at word and sentence level);

  • identify and comment on the writer’s purposes and viewpoints;

  • the importance of highlighting key words/ideas;

  • relate texts to their social, cultural and historical contexts and literacy traditions;

  • identify and correct spelling and punctuation errors


We are delighted to announce we have a wide variety of audiobooks available to all students in our Digital Library, just follow this link and use your school login:

Click below to view our English curriculum for each year group.

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10 & 11

If you would like to find out more about the English curriculum, contact our Head of English (maternity cover) Miss Ames by emailing


"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."

St Augustine

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