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All Saints Catholic College provides students with access to a range of brand new, state of the art facilities.

The LRC (Learning Resource Centre) & Computer Suites

This is home to our extensive library, filled with a vast array of both educational and recreational books that you will be reading over the course of your academic career here at All Saints. In addition to this, we have over 30 computer stations in the LRC. We also have a number of computer suites throughout the school building, ensuring that every student has access to a computer as and when they need it. Perfect for school work, homework and many more safety-regulated online activities. We also have a wide variety of audiobooks available to all students in our Digital Library, just follow this link and use your school login:

Music Hub

Located in our ever-expanding Music Department, our Music Hub consists of our teaching and learning rooms and is the ideal place to learn and practice. With over 20 brand new Apple Mac computers, along with a plethora of different instruments, our Music Hub with all the mod-cons is suited to any student who seeks to develop their skills, whatever genre that may be in. In addition to this, our Music Hub hosts a number of privately organised music and instrument lessons.

Fitness Suite

Our fantastic Fitness Suite allows our students complete access to an ultra-modern, indoor gym. With all the features of a public gym, our Fitness Suite encourages our students to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle throughout their time at All Saints Catholic College and beyond. Moreover, this safe and private environment we have created on site can be used in PE lessons in school time and recreationally outside school hours (subject to adult supervision). With corresponding shower facilities, our Fitness Suite meets the needs of all students.

Drama Studio, Dance Studio and Stage

All Saints is also home to a wonderful drama room with all the features of a professional production studio, including black-out blinds and mood-lighting, in addition to ample study space - making it the perfect environment for learning as well as practice and production. In our Creative Arts department, there is a professional dance studio, fitted with wall-to-wall, full length mirrors and ballet bars. We also have a full-sized stage for productions, for all of our plays, pantomimes, recitals and concerts. With lighting and audio facilities built into our backstage area, there's such great potential for our drama and dance students to showcase their captivating work.

SEND Learning Facilities

Within our building, we have a newly refurbished learning space specifically designed for our SEN and statemented students. In this area, we have a small computer suite and desks for individual, concentrated work, larger tables and features to encourage group work and a teaching kitchen where the students are taught vital life skills to instill their independence as young people. Our SEN department have created a relaxing and calming safe space, housed within the main school building but away from the hustle and bustle of everyday school life, should students find the secondary school experience overwhelming.

Bethlehem Centre

The Bethlehem Centre is a small, specialist resourced provision within the main body of our school. The provision is led by a qualified teacher and supported by teaching assistants all of whom are overseen by the school SENCO. At the heart of the provision is the desire to provide quality SEN teaching. The provision seeks to identify the individual needs of the students within it and tailor a curriculum delivered at a level which students can access. 

Teaching in the provision is designed to cater for students who have difficulties with speech, language and communication as well as an EHCP where this need is outlined as their primary need. The students within the provision require lessons to be taught at a more measured pace than typical mainstream sessions and lessons are planned with the objective to improve vocabulary, speech and communication, written and verbal.  

You can read more about the Bethlehem Centre here.

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