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History Of The School

All Saints Catholic College, although a new establishment, holds a wealth of history within its walls.

Dating back to before the Second World War, the buildings we now know as belonging to All Saints had been so badly damaged during the 'Blitz' that the Archdiocese of Westminster took over the buildings in 1946 for redevelopment. St Charles Primary opened in 1954, followed by secondary moderns Cardinal Manning Boys School in 1955 and Cardinal Manning Girls School in 1958.

During the 1960s, Cardinal Manning Girls merged with a convent school founded by the Sisters of Sion at Chepstow Villas, Bayswater to form our previous school, Sion-Manning Catholic Girls' School.

In September 2018, we became All Saints Catholic College, a co-educational 11-16 school, admitting boys into the school for the first time. Whilst holding our history close to our hearts, we look forward to continuing to create our own alongside our students, staff and this fantastic community.  Our building and its history are a fundamental pillar of the local area and its culture, we do not intend for that to change. We hope that All Saints Catholic College will be an integral part of this warm, close-knit community, whilst ensuring that Sion-Manning, as well as its predecessors, will never be forgotten. 

In honour of our rich history, in 2018 we launched The Manning Award for Excellence. This new programme spans the entire academic year and is designed to challenge and develop skills required for sixth-form, university and beyond. In order to obtain this prestigious award, students must complete a dissertation-style project on a subject area of their choosing, conducting research to explore a question pertaining to their chosen topic. We believe that it is vital that we prepare our students to withstand their ever-expanding academic careers, and that projects such as The Manning Award for Excellence bridge the gap between school, sixth-form and university, providing pupils with a head start in their future academic development. 

History Of The School

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