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GCSE RESULTS - Record Breaking Success For All Saints Students

All Saints Catholic College are celebrating unprecedented GCSE results following the return of public exams.

A record breaking 86% of pupils achieved grades 9-4 in both English & Maths, with a stunning 25% of children claiming a clean sweep of top grades (level 7 and above) across all subjects. There has also been a significant increase in the number of strong passes achieved by students, with 66% of them leaving All Saints Catholic College with a strong pass (9-5) in both English and Maths, compared to 45% in 2019 (the last time public examinations took place). A staggering 95% of pupils passed their English GCSE and 86% passed Maths, unlocking the future options for the vast majority of our students.

Remarkably, 49% of all of the grades achieved were 7-9 (A*-A) - this is an incredible achievement.

Exceptional results were celebrated across a number of subjects with 70% of History students achieving a top grade (level 7+) and 95% of all students gaining a standard pass in RE.

The results signify an incredible year for the school, particularly in the context of the disruption caused by the pandemic. The school secured an average attainment grade of 6.3, surpassing the average grade of 5.1, generated by the Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs) used for the 2021 Exam results. The results further underline All Saints Catholic College as a vibrant and innovative school with exceptional teaching at its core.

There were a number of exceptional individual performances, with the following students achieving top grades across the board:

Fatima Rahmah Mutakabbir    Received eight 9 Grades (all 9’s) 

Rhea Ranjan      Received seven 9 Grades (all 9’s) 

Iris Ahmed      Received eight 9 Grades and two 8 Grades

Andreza Bolovan     Received all grades 8-9 

Guiliana Bouraba Maldonodo   Received all grades 8-9 

Afnan Ghulam      Received all grades 8-9 

Georgia Louise Macapagal   Received all grades 8-9 

Kerry-Ann Ferreira     Received all grades 7-9 

Cristina Bolovan     Received all grades 7-9

Raquel Conesa Gomez    Received all grades 7-9 

Iman Hussein      Received all grades 7-9 

Skye Johansen     Received all grades 7-9 

Monique Marcano    Received all grades 7-9 

Ruth Taddy      Received all grades 7-9 

Suzie Yassin      Received all grades 7-9 

Luwam Yonas      Received all grades 7-9 

Congratulations to all students who have received their exam results today. These results are a testament of our students’ incredible determination and resilience to achieve above and beyond their academic aspirations.



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