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The Review

Important Notices

18.07.21 Year 7 Welcome Letter

06.07.21 Year 7 Activities Week

06.07.21 Year 8 Activities Week

06.07.21 Year 9 Activities Week

06.07.21 Year 10 Activities Week

28.06.21 Year 6 Induction Day Cancelled

21.06.21 Year 7 Summer School 2021

25.05.21 Year 10 End Of Year Exams

19.05.21 Year 9 End Of Year Assessments

19.05.21 Year 8 End Of Year Assessments

19.05.21 Year 7 End Of Year Assessments

21.04.21 RBKC School Streets Trial

20.04.21 Year 11 Grading Process Guidance

20.04.21 Year 11 Teacher Assessed Grades

23.03.21 Headteacher's End Of Term Letter

19.03.21 Year 9 Options Process

25.01.21 Headteacher's Letter

Letters Home

We regularly send letters home with students, containing important information. Digital copies will be uploaded here. Please find below the most recent letters that have been sent home. 

RBKC Targeted Prevention Team Summer Academy Timetable 28.06.21

Construction Youth Trust Community Project Flyer 28.06.21

CYT Programme Registration Form Parental Consent 28.06.21

CYT Programme Referral Form 28.06.21

LST Community Day : Canalside Activity Centre 01.07.21

LST Community Day : Cremorne Riverside Centre 30.06.21

MIND MHST How To Talk About Mental Health Workshop

MIND MHST Managing Anxiety Workshop

MIND MHST Mental Health Awareness & Wellbeing

MIND MHST Sleep Hygiene, Routine & Self Care Workshop

Rugby Portobello Trust Youth Club

RBKC Covid-19 Support Hub

RBKC The Dot Presents 'Talk That Talk'

RBKC Keeping Students Safe Online

RBKC Safer Internet Use Guidance


We are incredibly proud to be a part of the community of RBKC. Occasionally, we're contacted with information which might be useful to our students and their parents/carers. Click below to discover helpful information and updates from our friends and partners across RBKC and beyond.  

ASCC Review March 2021

ASCC Review September 2020

ASCC Review December 2019

ASCC Review September 2019


At the end of each term we publish a review letting you know what has been going on at All Saints and what students have to look forward to next term. Click below for our latest publications. We hope that you enjoy reading.

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