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All Saints Catholic College believes that every student has the right to receive a high quality Careers Education that allows them to understand and explore the many pathways available to them as they progress through their education.

As a result, each student receives a carefully organised programme of activities that are designed not only to develop their aspirations but to challenge preconceptions and stereotypes. Our Careers programme encompasses the ethos of the school and encourages students to believe and achieve. The programme strives to prepare our students for life after All Saints so that they can depart with confidence in their chosen future steps. For full details of our Careers Curriculum click here.

The taught element of our programme is delivered through PSHCEE lessons across all year groups. Key concepts are presented repeatedly, with deepening layers of complexity as our students move through year groups. Our PSHCEE Curriculum can be viewed here

We welcome and appreciate parent support at each transition stage from Year 7 to 11. 

If you or the organisation you work for would like to get involved by hosting a workshop, delivering an assembly or talk, organising an employer visit or providing a work experience placement please contact Assistant Headteacher, Ms A Mealy by emailing or telephoning 020 8969 7111.

Our careers programme is reviewed each academic year. The next review date will be September 2023.



Year 9 Options

In Year 9 you will get the chance to select the GCSEs you would like want to take. You will get to choose some subjects, but there are some subjects you have to take. These are known as core subjects:

  • English Language and English Literature

  • Maths

  • Combined Science or Triple Science (which covers physics, biology and chemistry)

  • Religious Studies.

You can then pick three GCSE subjects you want to do in the following three areas:

  • Creative Arts

  • Humanities

  • Modern foreign languages

It can help you to study a range of subject areas at this stage so you can find out more about what you like and have a wider range of study options when you make your next big choices at 16.

You will need to get a grade 4 pass in English and maths. If you do not achieve at least grade 4 you will need to retake them while at a further education institution to achieve this grade if you need to.

Year 10 Work Experience

Every student in Year 10 will be offered the opportunity to undertake a one-week Work Experience programme during the Summer Term. Students will be briefed on the Work Experience Week, how to organise their placement and what will be expected from them during their placement.


To prepare students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.


Students will:

  • Experience work first hand

  • Understand how organisations function

  • Experience social relationships at work

  • Appreciate the expectations that employees will have of fellow workers

  • Assess how they will adapt to working patterns and relationships outside school

  • Gain the self-confidence needed in an adult world

  • Develop both skills and knowledge for adult life.


Procedure and Responsibilities

Students will source their own placement. Parental consent will be sought and Form Tutors will be invited to make comments as to the suitability of the choice made. Confirmation of placements will be provided to those that meet the requirements.

During the period of Work Experience, the student is required to complete the log section of the Work Experience booklet. A member of the school staff will endeavour to visit the student during their time on Work Experience. An employer's report is sent to school on the completion of the placement, this can be used to contribute to references to FE institutions.

Year 11 Post-16 Options

For further advice and guidance on your Post-16 options, click here

Open Events

We aim to regularly update our list of all the upcoming Post-16 provider Open Events. Speak to Ms Mealy for more information.


If you are a Post-16 Provider and would like any other events added to the list please email Assistant Headteacher, Miss Ashleigh Mealy on

Useful Websites

The websites below are for students to access information on careers and employability skills:

An excellent resource for 11-19 year olds to help them explore and plan their careers.

Hosts hundreds of job profiles and blog posts from those with the job roles offering an insightful and realistic view of their career journey.

Information, advice and guidance to help you make decisions on learning, training and work.

A Russell Group guide to making informed choices about post-16 Education, including a “5 Point Plan” to aid in clarifying your thoughts.

Hosts engaging videos to inspire students, and a quiz based to help students think about their personality and what type of career they might suit.

A National Citizens Service that is a Government funded programme helps students to develop skills.

Exists to inform and showcase creative careers unknown to many and to explain what skills and qualifications they need to succeed in those careers when they leave school.

A national careers film library, a free careers resource showing hundreds of real people doing real jobs.


Amazing Apprenticeships

A leading organisation in the education sector, it aims to address misconceptions about apprenticeships and promote the benefits.

Direct Gov

A national database where employers advertise Apprenticeship and Training opportunities. Here you can search for vacancies, register your profile and apply for an Apprenticeship.

Not Going To University 

Information for alternatives to university through internships, apprenticeships, work experience for many level.


Instructions: Click the dotted square.

Type in the first career that you think you might be interested in and select from the drop-down list, then add your second and third choice to see the comparison.

Instructions: Take the quiz, by reflecting on a number statements and decide what you love, are not sure about or dislike. The statements are presented within six well established occupational categories (Artistic, Realistic, Investigative, Conventional, Enterprising, and Social), which are then ranked against jobs. Once the quiz is complete a short list of job suggestions that are most likely to be suited to your own particular skills and interests will be provided. Each job can be explored as a description is presented together with information on pay and hours.


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