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Mission Statement

The mission of the History Department at All Saints Catholic College is to promote and engage pupils with historical events and people, to question, interpret and think critically. This mission includes the fostering of historical ideas and interpretations as information retrieval, a form of research and communication. Young historians can gather, analyse, and communicate evidence effectively as well as think creatively and draw independent conclusions. The Department fosters these skills through a varied and balanced curriculum that includes the study of relevant topics such as local and cultural history, and exploring the truth about the past. These skills thread through each key stage, where students are introduced to the skills of critical thinking, to interpret material, analyse and reach conclusions. The ability to criticise and reflect this in written argument is also included in the teaching of history.


The department’s objectives include the development of:

  • an understanding of historical events and people;

  • confidence in communication;

  • independent thinking and critical skills that enable students to assess the values that the world of history offers;

  • analytical skills to question the ways in which history can be interpreted;

  • the ability to explore the political, social and cultural diversity of history;

  • the ability to write a developed or sustained argument;

  • the ability to use ICT to acquire knowledge and process it;

  • the skills to realise each student’s own intellectual and creative goals.


Literacy Statement

The History Departments provides opportunities to enhance the writing, reading and oral skills of students through lessons and assessments.


Students who are literate in History can:

  • organise texts in ways appropriate to their content, e.g. by chronology, priority and comparison;

  • use connectives between paragraphs in their extended writing;

  • use talk to question, hypothesise, speculate, evaluate, solve problems and develop thinking about complex issues and ideas;

  • define and use key words in the correct context;

  • create structured historical accounts in History and extended explanations in Geography;

  • accurately select and use appropriate that match the periods they study;

  • evaluate the significance of the main events, people and changes over time;

  • recognise and make appropriate use of dates, vocabulary and conventions that describe historical periods and the passing of time.

Click below to view our History curriculum for each year group.

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

If you would like to find out more about the History curriculum, contact our Head of History Miss Harper by emailing


"This awful catastrophe is not the end but the beginning.  History does not end so.  It is the way its chapters open."  St Augustine

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